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Your Strength Coach is an online personal training service dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

Our Services

What our online personal training offers

Workouts designed specifically to your needs and resources. Need a bodyweight program that will support your running? We can provide that. Have access to a commercial gym and need to lose 15 pounds? We can help you get there.

Ready to make health and fitness part of your daily routine? Our long-term programs are designed to keep you going for years on end. We write your program, adjust it whenever your situation changes, and develop a relationship you can count on when you need extra support.

While we can’t be with you in-person, we can blow up your phone and email (with permission of course) when you are slacking on your workouts. If you are someone that needs lots of support we provide nutritional strategies, workout design, conditioning workouts, and enough interaction to make sure you do everything you need to reach your goals.


  • I can't tell you how much I am enjoying Brian's program. I am feeling stronger. But the best thing so far is that my back pain and leg numbness is much, much better which is huge. The strength program has really helped me get stronger now that I am in about 7 months post surgery.

  • "Brian’s straight forward approach to fitness is personalized, methodical, and comprehensive. He is a knowledgeable, supportive, and enthusiastic coach. Under Brian’s guidance I have learned that training smarter does not necessarily mean training longer or harder. Brian’s personalized approach has helped me identify my fitness goals and develop a fitness plan to support those goals; to focus on “Quality over Quantity”. I have gained strength, balance, and cardio fitness under Brian’s coaching. Training with Brian has been challenging, lots of fun, and extremely rewarding."

  • "I am 63, had lost muscle tone, gained 20 pounds and was sluggish in the afternoons. Two months ago Brian introduced me to a program specifically designed for me. Each session I improved, gaining more strength and better balance. After one month inches around my back, waist and hips disappeared, clothes fit better, and I was alert in the afternoon. Brian’s knowledge and ability to adapt techniques extends beyond assisting seniors; he designed a rigorous and fulfilling program for my athletic teenage granddaughter. Time with Brian is a wise investment in a healthy future for all ages."

  • "I highly recommend Brian Gwaltney as a personal trainer. In a short period of time, he has helped me achieve many of my training goals, far quicker than I thought possible. He's also customized a long-term plan that is concise, detailed, and matches my individual goals. I've been a runner for most of my life and have been plagued by one injury after another. Brian's carefully planned workouts have enabled me to run injury-free and with renewed confidence."

  • "I have been working with Brian for three months now and I have seen amazing results. I have lost three inches on my waist and two on my hips. I am having to find smaller clothes and new belts. I am also much stronger and for the first time in 15 years, I can exercise without my inhaler! Brian's complete approach that includes diet and exercise has changed my life."

  • "I feel that the relationship has been a good one. While I've been able to set goals and train myself in the past, it has been much more difficult over the years to stick with a program that has increased my running ability without causing injury. With Brian, I've been able to focus on all of the components to being fit: better nutrition, increasing lean muscle, balance between work, play, pray, etc. He has been most encouraging and positive & he explains his methods well."


Features and Benefits

What you receive when you sign up for Online Personal Training

Designed for You

Every client receives a specific program tailored exactly to their needs. We don’t mass produce programs. They are all custom made.

Long-term Strategies that Work

We don’t provide quick fixes. Our programs are designed to produce results over time that will last you decades.

Nutrition Support

All of our long-term clients receive nutrition advice as requested to help them better reach their goals.

No Equipment Required

Our programs are designed around your resources. If you want to workout at home and don’t have any equipment, we can still give you a great workout program.

Constant Communication

We are available for unlimited questions via email and text. If you have a problem today, you’ll get a solution today.

Well Trained

Our head coach is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, certified nutrition coach, and has a master’s degree in health and nutrition education.

Core Principals

Our approach to training


We believe that training should be reasonable. No one needs to throw up to get a good workout. In fact, we would classify any workout that leaves you physically ill as harmful. We want you to incorporate exercise into your daily life and have it support your life over decades.

Consistency Trumps Intensity

Missing one workout won’t kill you. Missing 20 will cause problems. We don’t care if every workout is perfect, but we do want you moving every day. Consistent training over time will produce results and those results will last. Our goal is to help you turn movement and exercise into a daily habit for you.

Don’t Get Hurt Training

If you get hurt in the gym, you failed. Training should build you up, not break you. Our number one goal is that you stay safe and injury free while working out.

Training Should Support You Outside of the Gym

None of us have lives that revolve around our time in the gym and we believe your training should reflect that. Your workouts should make the rest of your life better. A successful workout program let’s you play with the kids, go on a hike whenever you want, play sports, and enjoy an adventure.

Always Strive For Balance

Balance is a broad category in this sense. It encompasses literal balance like standing on one foot; balance between movements like pushing and pulling strength; balance within your workouts with times spent on strength, mobility, conditioning, and rest; and balance within your life so training makes you a better person that is happier, healthier and more capable. Occasionally, someone has a goal that requires asymmetries on one or many of those categories, but for the most part, we should all be striving for balance.

Your Actions Reflect Your Goals

This point I stole from Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager. There is a tremendous amount in this statement and it is worth some reflection. It implies you have a goal which is vital to success and it also implies that every action you take affects your achievement of that goal. Evaluating your training against your goals is one of the most important things you can do. Your goals in the gym and out of the gym need to be considered as not all goals are synergistic.

Meet Your Strength Coach


Brian Gwaltney

Brian Gwaltney - Founder, Head Coach

Brian had a circuitous path into the fitness industry. After several unfulfilling years working as a civil engineering, he decided he needed to make a change. He always had a passion for health and fitness so he decided to start training people to see if it was a better fit.

Brian started training friends, then he started coaching high school athletes, and then he opened his first training studio is a small Alaskan town. After a couple of years, he decided training people was his true passion and embarked on a journey to make it his life’s work.

The next step was furthering his education and learning everything he could about the body and coaching. He studied under the best in the business including Mike Boyle and went to massage school to better understand the body. Along the way Brian also earned his Master’s Degree in Health and Nutrition Education.

Currently, Brian coaches online clients from around the world as well as operating a massage and training studio in Roseville, CA. He continues to study and learn to better support all of his clients while pursuing his passion of helping people achieve their goals.

Plans & Pricing

30 Minute Skype ConsultationUnlimited Email SupportTailored to Your GoalsTailored to Your ScheduleTailored to Your Equipment and ResourcesNo Commitment Required
Strength Program $ 100 /month
30 Minute Skype ConsultationUnlimited Email SupportWeekly AccountabilityContinuous Workout PlansFREE Suspension Trainer3 Month Commitment Required

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